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11 Plus

At First Study, we provide the most efficient teaching to ensure that your child is able to get the pass that they need. Our classes are made up of 3-4 students per lesson which means that your child will receive individual attention to cater to their specific needs. The children will have to sit an initial assessment of which the tutor will go over and identify their  strengths and weaknesses, we will then create an individual plan best suited for your child, following the 11 plus syllabus. First Study ensures  that the  parents  are  always  well informed  about their  child’s progress,  making sure   that the parents receive a detailed feedback every  week on  your child’s progress  which includes  their efforts in class  and homework. Our teaching methods establish a sense of development due to the constant revision packs we provide to the students, this includes giving regular learning materials to further the student’s knowledge. First Study’s tutors are hardworking and are dedicated to  advance and broaden your children’s knowledge thus making sure the classes are effective.

Specific Areas of Learning

Verbal Reasoning:

Verbal Reasoning entails numerous components for students to complete. This includes: number coding which students need to decode numbers in order to match with the letters. Students also need to be able to figure out random orders of letters and numbers and create a nexus between them. At First Study we assist students to comprehend each topic before moving on, this is to signify that they understand the topic and is able to move ontothe next. The exam paper also includes completing words, it is an essential topic which students need to acquire confidence in order to pass Verbal Reasoning – this edifies the  students mind and enables them to improve on their vocabulary. Our Tutors provide vocabulary revision pack to students to aid them in learning  phrases  and implementing  them  in  their studies.  Verbal  reasoning  is  also  encompassed  with  puzzle  questions,  finding  words which have similar meanings and creating sequences. 



Non- Verbal Reasoning:

 Non- Verbal Reasoning is a subject that consists of students working with shapes and identifying which one is the odd one out. This permits  students to  identify  similarities   between the shapes and outline the odd one out. Our  motivated  tutors explain each topic to the students and building confidence in them.  Students  wil l also need to  complete  decoding   vertical coding. It is crucial for students to be able to complete codes as this allows them to familiarise themselves with patterns and motions between each question.


In English students will need to read and comprehend higher level comprehension. This includes reading the extract and being able to highlight the significant aspects of the topic. It is paramount that students only mirror the relevant sections of the texts when completing their answers. At First Study we train students on how to identify relevant parts of texts and implement them into answers. For the 11 plus exam students should be aware of high level punctuation and vocabulary. They should not be making spelling mistakes and should have avast amount of knowledge on how to conduct precise and accurate sentences.


In the math paper it is of higher level, it includes numerous topics such as problem solving, working with different weights in diverse formats, angles, percentages, fractions and algebra. It is vital that students feel self-assured in each topic before moving on and they always show their working out. The math paper challenges students to as it also consists of co-ordinates. Students are recommended to continuously practice past papers and highlight what areas they are struggling with as the tutors, as our tutors feel it is mandatory to build assurance in students before moving onto a new topic.

For further information on the 11 plus exam please feel free to contact management on 0208956864. Here at First Study we provide you with a FREE first assessment to establish your child’s ability and how we can help boost their grades, as we put your child’s needs first.