First Study Tuition Centre


  • Here at First Study we specialise in the new linear specification. We offer a wide array of resources and materials which are tailored to fit each student’s needs and abilities. We dominantly believe that A level is the penultimate stage of a child’s education, therefore we ensure each child attains a high level to prepare them for University.
  • We cater to all exam boards as our Tutors are highly qualified and have a wide knowledge of what all exam boards consist of.
  • We prepare and provide resource packs to help students with their weaknesses each resource pack is presented to each student to motivate them to perform better in their studies.
  • We continuously add to the resource pack by providing FREE past papers. Our Tutors go through each and every single question till they feel the student is confident to move onto the next topic.
  • At First Study we believe confidence is key as this helps inspire and instrument assurance in a student to flourish in their studies.
  • We cover a versatile number of subject for A-Level students, meeting their specific needs and providing monthly reports of progress and also bi-weekly meetings with parents to inform, update and notify parents of their child’s growth.