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At First Study we follow the new GCSE specification and cover all exam boards this includes AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. We provide high quality teaching as we believe it is essential for your child to receive only the best therefore, our classes have limited students per tutor as we believe your child deserves undivided attention.

Our Tutors maintain and track each and every single student’s learning ability to help boost their grades. We adapt our teaching methods to cater to all students of all abilities. We desire to reach every single student’s goal and work beyond that as we believe every child’s capacity is endless.

At First Study we comprehend the importance of GCSE consequently, during exam period we enhance our level of tuition and provide more classes, we specialise in intensive classes.

Our intensive classes are thorough, we tackle exam techniques, practise papers and how to answer questions in a timely manner. All past papers are FREE.

We cover foundation and higher tier exams. At First Study it is important to us to keep the lessons fun yet engaging as this stimulates the child’s mind and keeps them focused and engaged in classes.

GCSE Subjects:

English: In English we cover both English Language and Literature including numerous books which the child is undertaking at school. All our teachers are highly experienced with all the literature books including Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, A Christmas Carol, Of Mice and Men and An Inspector call.

Math: For Math we cover all topics embracing statistics, we believe it is essential to push the child to their best ability.

Science: We cover both double and triple science incorporating Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Our dynamic tutors are able to cover all aspects of the national curriculum ensuring the student is up to date with their studies. First+ Study evokes a sense of individualism to ensure we are meeting the students needs.

As an institution we embolden the development of knowledge and understanding of the subject. We believe that GCSE is the stepping stone into higher education therefore, we motivate students to attain incredible grades and prosper to accomplish remarkable careers.