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For KS2 we aim to prepare all students for SATs, covering all subjects ranging from English, Maths and Science. Our expert tutors provide students with all the essential resources such as past papers, English, Maths and Science revision packs. Here at First Study, each tutor will keep a personalised tracker for each individual student to help keep tutors and parents up to date with what topics the child has covered and how confident they feel before moving on. This not only allows the tutors to keep up to date with child’s performance but helps build confidence in the child before moving onto the next topic.

For ks2 Sats, students will prepare for a Reading paper, spelling paper, SPaG and 3 Mathematics papers including arithmetic and reasoning. Each week students will alternate between the curriculums and will receive regular homework depending on their performance in the class. Our classes have been specially designed to create a fun, motivating and pleasant environment for the students to work in a group. Parents will get regular feedback and update about their child’s performance in the class either by face to face or written in their report.

Specific Areas of Learning


1- Spoken English

Students are expected to get involved in debates and discussions and ask relevant questions to extend their understanding and knowledge. Additionally, students will be trained to give well-structured descriptions explanations and narratives for different purposes, including for expressing feelings.


2- Reading

Students will continue to apply their phonic knowledge and skills as the route to decode words until automatic decoding has become embedded and reading is fluent. Students are expected to read most words quickly and accurately without overt sounding and blending hen they have been frequently encountered.

3- Comprehension

Here at First Study, we encourage students to develop pleasure in reading a wider range of stories including modern and traditional tales. They’re also fostered to explain and discuss their understanding of books, poems and other materials, both those that the listen to and those that hey read for themselves.